Skid Row Marathon Score wins BEST MUSIC at MIFFA

 BEST MUSIC award goes to Skid Row Marathon at Milan International Film Festival Awards (MIFF) Special thanks to Tim Williams, who conducted the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra, led by concertmaster Mark Robertson. Thank you also to George Doering for his magic on guitar and bass. Thank you to you Benjamin Shirley, for sharing his story, for all your hard work, humor and support. Original score recorded at The Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles and engineered by the ever great Nicholai Baxter, Igloo music Studios. Congratulations also to Tchavdar Georgiev for Best Editing! Never forgetting Gabi Hayes and Mark Hayes for the wonderful film they made that has touched the hearts of so many with it's deeply important message.

Skid Row Marathon Awards Update

Palm Springs International Film Festival - Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature

Napa Valley Film Festival - Best Documentary Feature

Napa Valley Film Festival - Favorite Documentary Feature

LA Film Festival - Audience Award Best Documentary Film

LA Film Festival - LA Muse Award for Best Documentary Film

Port Townsend Film Festival - Audience Choice Award

Port Townsend Film Festival - Special Jury Award for Best Use of Cinematic Technique

Coronado Island Film Festival - Best Documentary Feature

Coronado Island Film Festival - Audience Favorite Documentary

Coronado Island Film Festival - Ken Fitzgerald and Ruby Carr Emerald Award

Skid Row Marathon scored by Kim Planert

Award winning documentary, Skid Row Marathon is a powerful film about Judge Craig Mitchell, a criminal court judge, who created a running club in the heart of LA's homeless district. This inspiring story follows the Midnight Mission runners as they overcome their struggles, begin to battle their addictions, and attempt to regain their self-sufficiency.

Kim Planert was compelled to compose a score to accompany such a remarkable story of second chances. He had the opportunity to record with some of the finest LA musicians at the legendary Village Studios

Skid Row Marathon is currently winning awards on the film festival circuit and the soundtrack will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Thank you to the Jerry Goldsmith AwardsMovie Score Malaga - MOSMA (Movie Score Malaga Festival) in Spain.

Kim is delighted to announce third place for the category "Best Original Free Creation" for "Solace" from his forthcoming album. With stunning vocals by Lisbeth Scott and brilliant synthesizer programming by Jörg Hüttner.

Along with a nomination for the "Best Song" category for "Running on Believing", with the ever talented song writer and artist, Nikola Bedingfield originally written for the documentary Skid Row Marathon.

Kim and Nikola were joined by singer Dan Myers and the talents of Mark Robertson with his wonderful orchestra.

"Running on Believing" was conducted and orchestrated by Tim Williams and his fantastic team.

Thank you to all of these incredibly talented individuals for their collaboration and outstanding work.

A huge thank you Jerry Goldsmith Awards.