Kim Planert


Kim Planert's testimonials

If this score is any proof, we could be in for some greatness.

Soundtrack GeekReview of A Reason Original Soundtrack

Kim is a great talent and he demonstrates that with the emotional focus and narrative structure of his score... Planert is a great storyteller in that you don’t ever see the stitches where he shifts tone, it's all seamless.

Film Music MediaReview of A Reason Original Soundtrack

Beautiful music ... such a joy to sing!

Lisbeth ScottThe Voice of Avatar, The Chronicles of Narnia, Munich, ...

His music is fully charged with emotional depth, clarity of material and outstanding technical execution!

Jordan KernerKerner Entertainment (producer of The Smurfs, Charlottes Web, Fried Green Tomatoes

Many of my esteemed colleagues believe that this is just the beginning for Kim and an illustrious career as a composer.

Atli ÖrvarssonComposer Vantage Point, Babylon A.D, The Eagle
The orchestral session was one of the most moving and impressive filmmaking moments I've experienced. Kim's integrity and creativity as an artist, his keen understanding of story and tone and his amazing execution make him a true honor to work with.


Jessica PilkesDirector of Nest of Spiders, DGA Award Winner

What fantastic music! I am impressed by your heart and soul!

David McHughComposer Moscow on the Hudson, Mystic Pizza, Mr North
Kim Planert has an incredible ability to translate the images on screen into a musical language, truly capturing the emotions of every scene and the message of this film. His understanding of me as a story teller and his sensitivity to the actor's performances, camera movements, finding "moments" within the scenes as well as his prolific approach to film scoring, made my collaboration with him an amazing experience. Dominique SchillingDirector - A Reason