The album is so sweeping, so soaring, so beautiful, that the punch of the lyrics can sneak up on you. Like when you’re on a skydive, concentrating hard to execute the dive plan, and suddenly you see—really see—the earth below you and the sky around you. Time stops, or your heart does… for a second, for a beat. It takes your breath away. - BLUE SKIES MAG


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With this album, Kim has managed to put his flair for movie-worthy scores and his love of parachuting into 10 exciting songs….

His merciless professionalism is heard every second of every song. The song structures are reminiscent of music that you normally only hear in the cinema, and yet they are songs and not just "just" soundscapes. … you can just relax while listening, but it's just as much fun to keep track of the details and skillful sound changes. - SOUND AND RECORDING.DE


‘Solace’ featuring Lisbeth Scott


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Skid Row Marathon

Score Album (out soon)

Kim Planert Blue Wash

Score Selection

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Solace - Behind The Scenes

Round And Round - Behind The Scenes - Orchestra Session 

Round And Round featuring EAIR

TV, Film + Trailer reel

Skid Row Marathon Score - Making Of...

... how Ben Shirley came to assist Kim Planert on the score to the award winning documentary.