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Skidrow Marathon scored by Kim Planert
Skidrow Marathon scored by Kim Planert
16 November 2016 Skid Row Marathon is a powerful documentary about Judge Craig Mitchell, a criminal court judge, who created a running club in the heart of LA's homeless district. This inspiring story follows the Midnight Mission runners as they overcome their struggles, begin to battle their addictions, and attempt to regain their self-sufficiency. Kim Planert was compelled to compose a score to accompany such a remarkable story of second chances. He had the opportunity to record with some of the finest LA musicians...» Read More
Chasing Grace Album Release
19 May 2016
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Album release for A Reason
29 August 2015
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Scoring The Whispers
03 February 2015
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Global Music Media Award for A Reason Score
04 August 2014
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