Thank you to the Jerry Goldsmith AwardsMovie Score Malaga - MOSMA (Movie Score Malaga Festival) in Spain.

Kim is delighted to announce third place for the category "Best Original Free Creation" for "Solace" from his forthcoming album. With stunning vocals by Lisbeth Scott and brilliant synthesizer programming by Jörg Hüttner.

Along with a nomination for the "Best Song" category for "Running on Believing", with the ever talented song writer and artist, Nikola Bedingfield originally written for the documentary Skid Row Marathon.

Kim and Nikola were joined by singer Dan Myers and the talents of Mark Robertson with his wonderful orchestra.

"Running on Believing" was conducted and orchestrated by Tim Williams and his fantastic team.

Thank you to all of these incredibly talented individuals for their collaboration and outstanding work.

A huge thank you Jerry Goldsmith Awards.